Help me by supporting the show


Well, I do this all by myself if I'm honest. I've looked for people to help and get on board but so far, no good. It's a lot of work with weekly deadlines and EVERY WEEK, something goes wrong. 

It costs me endless amounts of cash with gear breaking, travelling to guests and hosting the website. This is why I'd love it if you could help me out by supporting the show. You can click the link on this blog post but there are options on the page as well. 

Anything you can help with I would love, I'd eventually like to pay a couple of folks to help me edit and produce the show, but I'm far away from that right now without your help. 


I'd love it if you could give anything at all. But please know, I love EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who listen week after week!

Big love

TMP xx 

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